Developed with aesthetic Doctors, Celldear products use active ingredients which have been scientifically proven effective in keeping your skin healthy and young. It contains only ingredients for skin needs.

Today, our skin environment is severe, and your level of skin resistance against environment tends to get lower and lower due to skin stress. Celldear helps to regenerate your skin and build up your skin to be strong enough to fight against such environment.

Suitable for post procedure treatment such as chemical peel, IPL, Iontophoresis and laser.

If use of after or between procedures / treatment, it could help you to have even better result and could help to maintain such result even longer.

Celldear products are fragrance free and alcohol free.

Celldear Moist Essence

Moist Essence

NET 30ml

Active Ingredients:  Amphipathic vitamin C derivatives, Collagen

New vitamin C derivatives used with the highest level of stability and penetration with no dry feeling. Iontophoresis effect. New vitamin C derivatives are able to penetrate into dermis level without iontophoresis. Low irritation. Able to use around eye area.

70% of users have seen improvement in their skin conditions.



Acne Reduction | Anti-inflammatory | Moisturizing | Anti-wrinkle | Brightening
Pigmentation | Conditioning | Firming and lifting | Pore Reduction

How to use: Twice a daily ~ Cleanse your skin → Lotion → Moist Essence (3 push)


Celldear Moist Cream

Moist Cream


Active ingredients:  Palmitoyl Tetra peptide, Palmitoyl Oligo peptide ,Vitamin E derivative

Gel form. Light texture. Effective for aging skin. Matrixyl 3000 used. Able to use around eye areas.

75% of users have seen improvements.




Moisturizing | Conditioning | Brightening | Anti-inflammatory
Pore Reduction | Firming and lift up | Anti-wrinkle

How to use: Twice a daily ~ Cleanse your skin → Lotion → Moist Essence (3 push) → Moist Cream (Pearl size)


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*Tested for 100 people each product.

*Disclaimer: Results will vary on individual skin conditions.


Astaxanthin Products (For Singapore Clinics only)

Astaxanthin anti-oxidants which is pigment and naturally occuring carotenoid. It literally hundreds of times stronger than any other antioxidant. It is beneficial not only for your skin, eye, immune system, capillary circulation etc……

We do have supplement and skincare product which is a booster to enhance penetration for other skincare.

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